Service system "Cooper and Hunter"

Site registration and equipment reservation

Attention: the site can be registered in the case of installation only:

  • System total capacity more than 20 kW
  • equipment unit with amount of outdoor unit more than 3 items
  • systems with amount of indoor units more than 3 items for one outdoor unit
  • different type equipment unit (air conditioners, ventilation systems, dehumidification and etc.)

Top one priority and special status goes to the dealer which:

  • Is the first in object registration (including date and time)
  • fills in all points in the application form

Attention: the top one registration priority at the website is one, which is the first according to the date and time registration through the manager

  • Site data
    • Name:
      * City/town:
      No. of structure:
      Location mark:
      * Object purpose:
      Area size:
      Start date:
      Finish date:
  • Customer data
    • Inveator company:
      Development company:
      Project conpany:
      Project developer:
      Chief engineer:
      Other client representatives (Name/Surname, position):
  • Eguipment data
    • * Equipment type :
      * Total capacity:
      Outdoor units amount:
      Indoor units amount:
      Indoor units type:
      Delivery term:
      Delivery date:
      Point competitor brands which participate in tender:
      Attached specification:
      (The maximum allowed file sixe 7 MB)
  • Contact details of the dealer
    • Company name:
      * Name/Surname:
      * Telephone :
      Е-mail (point it if you want to get the application form and commercial offer):
      CH manager representative, which is informed about this order:
  • The types of work that plans to carry out the dealer on this site
    • Preliminary calculation of system:
      Commercial offer to the Customer:
      Supply and delivery of equipment to the object:
      Providing regular maintenance:
      Perform warranty and post-warranty repairs:
(*) - required